What is ALANY?

The American Latin Association of New York (ALANY) is a 501 (C) (3) tax exempt, non‐profit, community‐based organization with the objective of providing assistance and guidance to the Latin American youth of New York City as well as youth of other ethnicities in the community.

ALANY was founded in 2005 in Bronx County, NY, to address the realities and needs that Latin American youth in the Bronx face today including vagrancy, drug abuse, gangs, illiteracy, joblessness, feelings of hopelessness, and lack of self‐esteem. The youth targeted by ALANY' programs often lack direction and have no vision for their futures. ALANY strives to address these problems by empowering youth and guiding them into the mainstream of society while respecting and exalting their ethnicity.

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ALANY's Focus...

ALANY focuses on serving disadvantaged Latin American youth within the Bronx and understands that individuals cannot be viewed or helped in isolation, but rather, must be considered within the full context of their environment. For this reason, ALANY offers a wide range of programs including community forums, workshops, health fairs, and job fairs, as well as assistance with employment, housing, and immigration that aim to serve not only youth, but also their families and the community as a whole.

The most successful of ALANY' endeavours is the Bronx One on One Mentoring (BOOM) Program. Implemented in 2007, BOOM has served over 300 children at 4 Bronx middle schools, including MS 390 at 1930 Andrews Avenue, X22 Jordan Mott located at 270 E. 167th Street, X391 Angelo Patri Middle School at 2225 Webster Ave and the Family Life Academy Charter School at 14 W. 170th Street, developing not only academic excellence, but also meaningful relationships while creating an environment where youth can grow and thrive.




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